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Ningbo factory

Under the direction of Apti-Maruwa, products with equal quality in Japanese factories is produced and cultivating multiskilled workers

Ningbo factory
Address 中国浙江省寧波市鄞州区高橋鎮工業区秀豊路333
TEL 0574-8804-6118
FAX 0574-8804-6117
Institution 2006 October
Site area 3,600㎡
Building area 2,700㎡
Production capacity 40,000 to 70,000 piece per month
Production equipment Band cutting machine(3 unit), Hand cutting machine(2 unit), Cloth spreading machine (1unit),Interlining press machine(1unit), Marker plotter(1unit)Lockstitch sewing machine(49 unit) ,Special sewing machine(30 unit), Buttonhole sewing machine(2 unit), Button sewing machine(2unit),Elastic band sewing machine(2 unit), Finishing iron(10 unit),Middle iron(10 unit),Needle detector(3unit),Embroidery machine(1 unit), Thermo compression bond printer(1unit)