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Aomori factory (Apti-Maruwa  Co.,LTD.)

Producing products with small lot size and various kinds by installing standing sewing machine and produced in one peice.

Address 〒038-0031
85-4 Azainamoto Oazasannai Aomori-city Aomori Prefecture
TEL 017-766-0188
FAX 017-766-0334
Institution 1991 December
Site area 7173.5 ㎡
Building area 2710.7㎡
Production capacity 40,000 piece per month
Production equipment CAD system(1 unit), Auto-cutting machine(1 unit), Cutting machine(2 unit), Cloth spreading machine(1 unit), Cloth inspecting machine(1 unit), Lock stitch sewing machine(91 unit),lockstitch machine(52 unit), Special sewing machine(57 unit), Finishing iron(6unit)